How To Deal With Toxic Employees!

How To Deal With Toxic Employees!

No one wants to work with a toxic employee, but what do you do if you find yourself stuck in this situation? Dealing with a toxic colleague can be difficult and frustrating. Given the current economy, businesses are doing everything to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this sometimes means letting go of employees who don’t meet the high standards of their company. Toxic employees are often the first to go. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to help minimize the damage that they cause and improve your work environment:

1. Keep your distance

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Keep your distance

If the toxic employee is someone that you have to work with daily, it might be best to keep your distance. Don’t allow them to affect your mood or productivity. Try to limit the amount of interaction that you have with them.

2. Communicate with your boss

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Communicate with your boss

If the toxic employee is causing problems for you and other employees, it’s essential to communicate with your boss. Let them know what is going on and what type of impact the toxic employee is having on the workplace. This will help them understand the situation and prompt them to take action.

3. Stay positive

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Stay positive

It can be difficult not to let a toxic employee get under your skin, but staying positive is essential. Don’t let them steal your joy or make you feel like you are working in a hostile environment. It’s also important to stay professional at all times.

4. Seek out support from others

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Seek out support from others

When dealing with a toxic colleague, it can be helpful to seek out support from others. Talk to your friends and family about what is going on and vent when needed. This can help you to stay positive and focused on your work. Read our article Productivity is affected when Employees Multitask!

5. Remain calm and polite

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Remain calm and polite

It can be tempting to let your frustration show when dealing with a toxic employee, but it is important to remain calm and polite. Yelling or arguing will only make the situation worse.

6. Set boundaries

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Set boundaries

Toxic employees can be very demanding and disruptive. You need to set boundaries to protect yourself from their behavior. For example, you might want to avoid discussing work-related matters outside of work or avoid being alone with them.

7. Document everything

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Document everything

It is important to document everything that happens. In case you need to take further action. Keep a journal of the incidents that occurred, what was said, and how you reacted. This will help you if you need to speak to HR or your manager about the situation.

8. Don’t ignore the situation

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Don’t ignore the situation

A crucial step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Toxic employees can be disruptive and demoralizing. If you ignore them, they will only become more destructive. Read Business and Organizational customers!

9. Talk to the employee

How To Deal With Toxic Employees! - Talk to the employee

Try to talk to the employee in a private setting. Let them know that their behavior is causing problems and that it needs to stop. Be specific about the things that they are doing wrong. Often, toxic employees don’t realize how their behavior impacts others. By talking to them, you may be able to help them change their ways.


Dealing with a toxic employee can be one of the most challenging parts of any manager’s job. It’s been estimated that toxic employees cost businesses between $200 and $1,000 per day. No manager wants to deal with this kind of financial drain – or the emotional stress that comes with it. We hope this article helped you deal with such toxic employees who hinder your success. Stay focused and be successful! Also, check our article Storybrand guide for business!

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