How To Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques 2022

How To Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques 2022


Motivational interviewing is a therapy to assist people to increase their desire to change and believe that they can do everything. It’s a simple way to bring motivation in the people about the things they want to achieve in their lives. It can be done either with the patient to empower his thoughts and strategies to change or can be done with a normal person who desires any positive change or destination in his life. Initially motivational interviewing was mostly used by counselors to treat people facing psychological disorders but in recent era advancements in the medical industry and field has made its large-scale utilization by most healthcare providers. Motivational interviewing is a combination of different strategies that are used to keep the client or respective person stuck to the therapy like engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning. These steps and strategies greatly help a person to design his internal wish for change.  Thus, to bring up that a therapist or healthcare provider more focuses on active listening to the views of the person rather than imposing his thoughts and views over the person to implement the change.

How to use motivational interviewing techniques?

How To Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques 2022

Motivational interviewing has many principles and procedures that are used to implement the ways of bringing behavior change in a person in an effective way.  However, these principles ensure positive health outcomes if a patient is under concern and also help to build a strong patient-counselor relationship and rapport. Well, to bring up this desire to change in a person you will need to take these steps under consideration and definitively, there will be no better replacements than to learn the ways to bring effective motivational interviewing techniques in a patient. So, if you are thinking of implementing these motivational interviewing and their principles to bring positive changes in a person, you Are certainly on the right track as this is a splendid idea. It will also help to bring change in your life, your thoughts, views, and activities of life. To help you figure out the ways, here are a few tips and principles to implement accurate and effective motivational interviewing techniques.

 Motivational interviewing techniques stages of change

How To Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques 2022

Six basic stages are used to bring change to a patient. The prime strategy of a health care provider is not only to convince the patient to adopt that change butt too help him to move along the stages of change.

1: The pre-contemplation is the stage where a person does not know about the existence of the problem like he is not aware of whether the problem exists? Thus he considers everything and every rank as a normal way to deal and is not ready for change.  Thus health care provider at this stage is only responsible to provide proper health education.

2:  The contemplation stage makes the person confused about bringing the change. Like whether he should opt to change? Meanwhile, the counselor should encourage him to bring up a small change or to set and reach financial goals; to achieve that change in life as an outcome of effective motivational interviewing.

3: This is the preparatory or determination stage which makes the person ensured about bringing that change. At this stage, the counselor’s responsibility is thoroughly to reinforce the patient to bring up that change, to make him confident, and to monitor the hurdles countering his way to bring up that change.

4: The action stage is the definite stage that makes the patient capable enough to take all necessary steps that are used to achieve the change.  However, the healthcare provider’s role is really to keep the patient motivated at that stage and keep him aware of the existence of the risk.

5: The maintenance stage comes after the successful action stage.  Where the patient tries to sustain that change for about six months and brings no hurdle to that.  The counselor provides consecutive support and encouragement to the client and provides him positive feedback so that he should not quit the process to sustain that positive change throughout his life.

6: The relapse stage is the indication that lapses can be retained and can be put up back as early but the counselor at this stage should continue telling the client that this is a part of any therapy and it’s a part of life. He should just try to face that relapse with the ambition to get the positive one again.

Motivational interviewing techniques can help produce the change

There are multiple ways and multiple uses of motivational interviewing techniques.  Like, this sort of interviewing can be implemented on the person who is opting for any undesirable habits in his life like if he is taking drinks, smoking, not taking a healthy diet and focusing on junk mainly, and not giving proper time to the physical activity. Motivational interviewing and its principles can be implemented on that person to bring up the desire to quit smoking and drugs first, then encourage him to make a healthy and nutritious diet, and making him conscious about his healthy body and mind by telling different ways of taking proper morning exercise.  Moreover, this can be done either by encouraging the client to take the prescribed medication regularly or staying away from overdoses. This sort of counseling and interviewing can be managed either with a person individually or in a group of people but can prove effective both ways. Plenty of ways can help a healthcare provider to understand and implement motivational interviewing techniques to bring up the changes like;

  • Psychiatrists implement this interviewing approach to treat different psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress. They use this technique to manage pain even, but on those patients who feel fear to undergo recommended diagnostic procedures and tests. Thus they can be treated effectively with this type of approach.
  • Motivational interviewing is used recently on the person facing excessive substance abuse like alcohol consumption, morphine, and cocaine use. They treat them by telling them the adverse effects of substance abuse and bringing up the internal desire for a positive change.
  • It is the best therapy to be implemented for the person facing complications like risky sexual behaviors and gambling. They carry effective anger management, resistant management, and gambling management by telling the correct procedures like the ways to have safe sex practices. Thus, this interviewing and communication approach and techniques help a man to treat the patient.


If you wish to know the mind of a person, listen to his words. Just the same way motivational interviewing takes place it not only helps to know the thoughts of a person but also helps to bring the desire to change his ways in the long run. It can be considered the best motivational therapy to bring you in line with the feelings and views of a person thus you cannot put back his priorities while designing strategies to opt for change. Meanwhile, motivational interviewing can be taken as an outstanding way to treat a person facing any sort of disorder no matter psychological, nutritional, or medical. Motivational interviewing can still prove a top-notch remedy and a pill to treat them all.

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