Motivation and Emotion: The Power of Connection

Motivation and Emotion

We all know motivation is essential. But what about emotion? The connection between motivation and emotion can be powerful, and understanding the two will help you find success in your life. Motivation is a person’s willingness to do something, while emotion is someone’s feelings about a particular event or situation. Both motivation and emotion can be used for achieving goals.

We all know that motivation is what drives us to do things. It’s the motivation behind our actions, which many different factors can influence. We don’t often think about how motivation and emotion are connected in some ways. In this article, we will explore these two aspects in more depth to see what they have in common. Furthermore, we’re also going to examine emotional motives as well as what motivation has in common with emotions.

Understanding in-depth: Motivation

Motivation and Emotion

Motivation is what causes someone to do something. Motivation is the reason or reason someone has for acting or behaving in a particular way. It’s what makes us do things, and many different factors can influence it. We often think about motivation as being something that comes from within, but external factors can also affect motivation. In addition to this, motivation can be influenced by our own needs and wants.

Internal Factors: These are factors that come from within the individual. They can be things like needs, wants desires, or goals. For example, motivation to lose weight might come from a desire to be more attractive.

External Factors: These are factors that come from outside the individual and can affect motivation by providing rewards for reason or incentives along with punishment when motivation is not met. They can be things like rewards, punishments, threats, or praise. For example, an employer offering paid time-off based on meeting specific goals would be considered an external factor.

Needs and Wants: These are two of the most basic internal and external factors that influence motivation. Needs refer to something essential for survival, while wants are things that would be nice but aren’t necessary. For example, motivation involving food might come from a need or want – if you are motivated to eat because it’s your job, you may not be able to savor it. As food is your need to live and your favorite food is your craving, you want it to satisfy your appetite. So that is what drives you to eat it!

Understanding in-depth: Emotion

Motivation and Emotion

We all know what emotion is. It’s that feeling we get in our gut when something happens. Emotions are a person’s feelings about a particular event or situation – they can range from anger to happiness. We might feel happy, angry, scared, or any other emotions. We always have different emotions at any given time due to our situations. Emotion is often the reason behind our actions, and it can be powerful. They help us to experience the essence of life and relations. Without emotions, our life will be robotic and artificial and will ultimately lose their charm. Moreover, emotions also motivate us to do something, but they are often based on our feelings rather than our needs or wants.

Now that we understand motivation and emotion better let’s explore emotional motives. What are they?

Emotional motives:

An individual’s feelings motivate them in some way are called emotional motives. Frequently, emotional motives are based on our emotions rather than our needs or wants. They inspire us to do something, but it’s not always clear what that is. For example, motivation can be based on fear. When someone is afraid to do something, they may avoid it because of the negative emotions associated with that action.

So what do motivation and emotion have in common?

One of the most important things to understand about motivation and emotion is that they are essential for human beings. We can look at cause and emotion as two sides of the same coin. They both influence each other somehow, and understanding what motivation has in common with emotional states can help us achieve our goals. The following points will bring more clarity:

  • We need the motivation to take action, and we need emotions to experience life. Without feelings, even our success and achievements will feel artificial, and our life will be robotic. Eventually, we will lose our purpose and motivation to work further for our cause!
  • Emotions help us connect with others, while motivation helps us achieve our goals. They also work together to help us be successful and accomplish what we need to do.
  • Emotions give us the energy we need to keep going, while motivation provides us with the focus and direction we need to stay on track. Consider your positive emotions as the fuel and motivation as the car on the road of your dreams and goals. Neither one will be able to perform without the other. Positive emotions will take you ahead while negative emotions will drag your motivation level down!
  • Motivation is influenced by many different factors – including emotional motives- while emotions vary according to various aspects (including motivation). Your negative and positive emotions will immensely affect your motivation level.
  • Furthermore, motivation has something else in common with emotions as well: motivation can be used as a tool for achieving goals. On the other hand, emotions play an essential role in decision-making, and motivation is often about making decisions.


By understanding how our brains work and what motivates us emotionally, we have an opportunity to optimize our lives (both at work and at home) by making better decisions based on facts rather than fleeting emotions. The next time you feel motivated, take a moment to think about the driving feelings. Chances are, the motivation is coming from somewhere positive, and it’s important to acknowledge those emotional motives. When motivation and emotion work together, they can be compelling. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope it helps you better understand what motivation and emotion have in common?

We hope you will have a great day!


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